We know where you live

This morning I found the following news from the MIT News Office. It describes how easy it is to identify Twitter users’ homes, workplaces from location data alone. Researchers at MIT and Oxford University have shown that the location stamps on just a handful of Twitter posts — as few as eight over the course of a … Continue Reading »

Study: Desired Skills for Business Analysts

I recently let my students look up job perspectives for business analysts. In March 2016 there were more than 72,000 jobs in the field of business analytics posted on LinkedIn alone; surely business analysts and data scientists are in demand. In 2011, or 5 years ago, McKinsey estimated that there will be a need for … Continue Reading »

Is Privacy Compromised by Growth of IoT Devices?

This morning I read an interesting post from David Lazarus on government technology. By connecting all devices to the internet (called internet of things – IoT) we are running the risk of unintentionally open vulnerabilities. From the post: Tom Kellerman, chief cybersecurity officer of Dallas software firm Trend Micro, offered an even more alarming scenario: A … Continue Reading »

Innovative, Sustainable and Livable Cities of Tomorrow

Fraunhofer’s Urban Futures Conference   Fraunhofer’s Urban Futures Conference, which takes place in Berlin on November 25 and 26, 2015, will offer participants a glimpse of the urban future. Scientists, engineers, politicians and economists will present new concepts for intelligent and sustainable urban innovation. The aim is to help transform our cities into clean and … Continue Reading »

Enabling the Data Revolution: An International Open Data Roadmap

This morning I found the report of the 3rd International Open Data Conference held in Ottawa, Canada May 28-29, 2015. We are excited to introduce the 3rd International Open Data Conference Final Report titled “Enabling the Data Revolution: An International Open Data Roadmap”. This report draws upon the many discussions that took place in Ottawa at IODC, … Continue Reading »

Rethinking urban traffic congestion

In a recent post Robert Puentes commented on the last semi-regular report on urban traffic congestion from Texas A&M Transportation Institute and concluded, that we need a new approach in thinking about solutions for the metropolitan traffic congestion. He wrote: We need to make places more efficient by joining uptransportation with the housing, real estate, commercial, and industrial decisions it drives. We need to … Continue Reading »

Privacy Concerns Jeopardize ‘Smart’ Cities

In a recent Wall Street Journal article Mike Weston raised concerns of privacy violations that will accompany ‘smart’ cities. While technology of the present has already crossed privacy boundaries, Mike Weston says the difference is that future ‘smart’ cities will allow our information to be much more “centralized and easy to access.” Private businesses who pay … Continue Reading »

Fulbright Talk with Iva Bojic: Self-synchronization inspired by fireflies: When nature meets the Borg

The Shidler College of Business and the Hawaii Urban Innovation Lab would like to invite every interested person to a Fulbright Talk with Iva Bojic about “Self-synchronization inspired by fireflies: When nature meets the Borg”. The lecture will be held on June 24, 2015 2-3:30pm at the Shidler College of Business, Faculty Lounge, D207. Please register at http://goo.gl/GJGd4q. About … Continue Reading »

Selective city slowdowns and the city-suburb growth gap

In a recent post from the Brookings Institute, William Frey wrote about an observation, that the city growth appears to have peaked. Evidence for a slowdown can be seen in the nation’s three largest cities: New York, Los Angeles, and Chicago (Figure 1). After experiencing very modest growth in 2000-2010, New York’s growth rate jumped to a … Continue Reading »