Methodologies Behind Analytics Success Stories

The Data Innovation Day 2015, held on January 22, 2015 and hosted by the Washington, D.C.-based Center for Data Innovation, discussed topics about the economic and social opportunities made possible by data-driven innovation. The event questioned data insiders about savvy methodologies in analytics. And the panelists, drawn from both the private and public sectors, were tasked with elaborating on a … Continue Reading »

The downside of Open Data

I recently read an article at FutureGov written by Joshua Chambers about the downside of OpenData: Inaccurate public datasets can cause big problems, because apps that feed off of them could be giving out false information. I was struck by this when we reported on an app in Australia that was issuing alerts for forest fires that didn’t … Continue Reading »

What Counts: Harnessing Data for America’s Communities

The Federal Reserve Bank of San Francisco and the Urban Institute published a new book called What Counts: Harnessing Data for America’s Communities, which “outlines opportunities and challenges for the strategic use of data to reduce poverty, improve health, expand access to quality education, and build stronger communities. It is a response to both the explosive … Continue Reading »

Smart Public Safety in New York City

Rudolph Giuliani, who became mayor of NYC in 1993, and William Bratton, the New York Police Department (NYPD) Commissioner, jointly revolutionized policing in New York. Their approach was based on actively preventing crimes, rather than reacting to criminal activity. The model they implemented, CompStat (COMPuter STATistics or COMParative STATistics), strategically uses data to fight against … Continue Reading »